Versatile Cloths

I also think that more versatile clothes are always going to become more and more in style for men’s hip culture, and that’s because a lot of men who are hip are into things that are going to have some good purpose for them and their normal lives. When you have a piece of clothing that you can wear in multiple situations and will help you out when the going gets tough in the hipster scene you are probably more than likely to be interested in wearing these types of clothes more often. But let’s also be honest and say that most of the people out here in the hip culture of today know that a lot of men that are hip don’t necessarily care about what something can do they really just care about how a piece of clothing looks on them and if it can potentially help them get laid.

Because when it really comes down to it men may be hip and more sophisticated in today’s culture, but we are and will always be men, so anything that we do in terms of our fashion and hip culture is going to be oriented around what women think is sexy and what they are looking for in men, which is super funny because women technically are the one’s who are dictating men’s fashion, and for good reason too. We shouldn’t leave men’s fashion up to men because then we’ll all start dressing like slobs and not give a shit about anything that we are wearing and we’ll just chill and listen to our hip music because that’s what we like to do today. But still we obviously like to do that kind of style today, but women have forced us to be more casual and care about our appearance and overall body hygiene more.

So it’s hard to say where exactly men’s hip culture of today is going to go into the future because it’s hard to say as a man where women are going to want men’s hip culture of today to get towards later on into the future. It’s obviously going to be a matter of what women are into, but let’s also be honest, some men don’t give a shit about women think and these are typically the coolest of all the hip culture men anyways, and if you do look good in general you’re probably going to get laid no matter what kind of clothes you’re wearing because women are only going to be thinking about what you look like underneath your clothes.

hip man


You probably already know who I am talking about when it comes to the hipster that you see all the time on the streets of New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles, and the truth of the matter is that men’s hip culture has really changed a lot from what it was just 10 years ago. Today’s men in urban areas are simply going bolder, more metro sexual and doing and wearing clothes that they may have not only not been into just 10 years ago, but would have been socially and fashionably taboo just 10 years ago. Yeah I’m talking about the really cool man bun and all the small fashion trends that seem to be really cool right now in 2016, and by the way it’s just the beginning of the year so you know more fashions are going to pop up out of nowhere come this spring because that’s exactly what the fashion industry does to keep all of us on our toes so we can go out and buy more clothes and do other trendy things.

So if you are the type of guy who wants to keep up with men’s hip culture, or maybe you’re the type of guy who hates men’s hip culture and you like to make fun of it a lot with your friends, either way you are in the right place on the internet because this article is solely about men’s hip culture of today and how it is kind of goofy and what’s wrong with it and why some of it might be kind of cool but for the most part is just really goofy.

So maybe you think you are the type of person who is super trendy and hip, but do you own a lot of Patagonia clothes? Do you currently have a fade cut that looks really thing on the sides but has plenty of hair on the top of your head? I don’t know why so many people are trying to do this type of hair cut all of a sudden, and for the longest time I’ve always that this haircut was pretty dumb looking. Like actually I think someone looks like they aren’t intelligent when their hair is buzzed on the sides but long on the top, it just kind of looks like your barber really messed up or you just like having an awkward bowl cut like you used to have when you were five years old and your mom wanted to save time and cut your hair herself.

But the truth of the matter is that men’s hip fashion has always been changing and it is constantly going to be changing. I think right now we are definitely seeing a lot of people leave the grungy, long tee and beanie look behind and start to look more professional as a part of hip culture. I think it was pretty hip a couple years ago to just look like you don’t care at all and where big tees and kind of look like you’re in the whole hip hop culture scene, but now it’s definitely a little bit different in that men are starting to realize that women think it is a lot cooler and sexier when you look like you care about your appearance at least a little bit and now men are catching on and starting to wear nicer clothes while still maintain casual looks.




He is Appreciated!

Any females who were around in the days when men ruled everything and a woman’s place was in the home will know that it was often difficult to be supportive of a man, no matter how much he was loved, by virtue of the fact that in most cases the things he was speaking out against or in favor of were detrimental to females and their advancement in society. Being under constant rule of a man of this caliber would be completely unacceptable to the women of the new millennium. Ladies, it is possible – and advisable – to let your modern male friends know just how much they are appreciated. Men of all types are a bit vain and they do wish to know that their efforts to make you happy are noticed, down to the smallest detail. Yes, he is simply being himself, but in most instances he will go the extra mile to please someone. Letting him know that you are aware of his efforts and that you think he is wonderful for everything he’s done is one way to ensure that his attitude stays upbeat and positive.
The hip man of today is super-quick to lend a helping hand, but should he discover at any time that there is some sort of nonsense taking place, that he is being used or taken advantage of in some way, he will bring it to a screeching halt immediately. Once that happens good luck in winning back his attention. He knows how valuable his time is, and he is not wasting a minute of it. Though praise is not his main objective and indeed, is even eschewed at times, he does like to know that at least his efforts and hard work have paid off. While it is not a life-sustaining thing, the appreciation he is shown is a direct reflection situation. The truly modern male is not overly jealous or sensitive. He is not easily swayed. But he does like to know that his efforts are greatly appreciated.
The new millennial man is a hard worker, a dedicated father and family man. He will of course abide by society’s laws while always being on the lookout for any truly suspicious types. You will never find a hip man unless you are a woman who is every bit as passionate about your beliefs and undertakings as he is. The flip side of that coin is this: women are going to fall in love with the new millenial man. While such a thing may not be feasible, no worries. The modern man is walking proof that chivalry is not dead yet. By making certain to express your gratitude in some small way. Like picking your wife of from the airport in a lax car service limousine.

This world would be an infiintely better place if the hip men who already exist would exercise their power in a reasonable way.

The hip men in 2016 are creating a movement all along. Unknowingly. More than one, in fact. Sensitive, intelligent, caring, strong men who answer to no one and who are there no matter the length of time it may take to get something done. Observing them throughout 2016 will be more than pleasurable as they continue with their modern. Our world can only get stronger when the two forces morph into one unstoppable machine, and these hip men will be at the helm of the changes.

Past Times

The men of past times, the “real men” as they like to call themselves, were driven only by what their lineage and history told them they should be driven by. Automatons for the most part. The hip men of today take a stand for what they believe in, even, as the popular saying goes, if it means standing alone. Generally it does not, since our world is evolving thanks in large part to the very types of men we are speaking of. Today’s men do not see societal issues divided as “his-and-hers” but rather, as just that: societal issues. Issues that affect society as a whole. And these gents are quite vocal in their support of eradicating the negative aspects of our world, whether the victims be women, children, animals, what have you. They hold no fear of being ridiculed by their brothers who are not yet as enlightened as they themselves are. They are comfortable iun their own skin and no one else will rattle their self-confidence.
Make no mistake, the hip men of today are not wishy-washy or mild-mannered by any means. Of course they are each unique, each very up-to-the-minute, and one of their best qualities is their unpredictable nature. That man who is carrying a sign bearing a photo of a sweet, cuddly kitten in support of a no-kill shelter and smiling like the boy next door for the news cameras will, in a few hours, be ripping his shirt off as a couple hundred screaming females watch him bump and grind onstage in an all-male revue. He knows what the ladies like and he is happy to deliver. He does not have to hide what he does for a living, nor does he make excuses for it. He is a modern, driven man who understands the idea of doing what you love and loving what you do, to the extreme. In a complete reversal of stereotypical roles since time immemorial, it is the modern man who is now working as an exotic dancer to pay his way through school. The profession is one in which males have always been involved to some extent, but regardless of the size of their physiques or their paychecks, male strippers were never viewed in the same light as female strippers. The males were constantly accused of being homosexual. Never mind the throngs of women who threw themselves at them every night as they danced. It is interesting to note that the makle stripper does not face the same judgements or stigma that his female counterparts do. Yet it would not matter to him if he did. Today’s man seeks approval from no one. He approves of himself and his choices, and so long as he is happy with himself and can look at himself in the mirror and sleep when his head hits the pillow, he realizes that he is doing quite well in life and honestly, what else matters? Certainly not the opinions of others. Whereas men of earlier times would have tried to keep his job a secret and would have been devastated had his secret gotten out, today’s confident, modern man smiles all the way to the bank.

Why Are We So Cool…

The hip man of today is not created by old ideals, nor is he locked into a role dictated by outside influences. In his book New Man for he New Millennium,Indian spiritual teacher Osho outlines the reasons it is imperativethat men become new human beings in the new millennium. He explains that consciousness is not an outside factor in who or what a man becomes; rather, it is born within each man. This consciousness leads the men of today to shatter the old, stereotypical molds and to help their brothers realize that they do not need to fit into any type of mold in order to make a difference in the world.
Whether their roles will take them into the corporate world, the art world, or anywhere in between, today’s men are comfortable in their own skin, fearless in their vocalization and representation of their beliefs. They look to no one for approval or acceptance in any facet of life. They realize their own potential and they proudly work it to the benefit of everyone around them. The only exception to the rule is the faction of male society who will feel threatened by the life energy and synergism of these individuals who do not fear to step up in the world and make thier viewpoints known. While this may not be an uncommon trait, it certainly is one in which less-confident men will band together simply for the sake of banding together. Not because they stand united for a common cause, but on the contrary, because they are unable to stand on their own and speak out against injustices no matter what those injustices may be. These men will make a stand only if the issue directly affects someone close to them; the modern man sets no such boundaries. He fights for all people, all women, all who are encompassed by the group whose cause he champions.
The term ‘hip’ has also undergone it’s fair share of transformations over the decades. In 2016, the hip male is very much in tune with all facets of his personality. He will go to the gym in the morning and have a mani-pedi and a facial in the afternoon. He will spend $200 on a hair cut and style, following up with products that will make him look like he hasn’t combed his hair all day when he meets the guys at the bar for a poker tournament or heads out to a local Heavy Metal concert. The hip man in today’s world takes pride in his appearance and his overall well-being. The days of the rough, unkempt male are quickly coming to an end. There will be no more shopping at the same designer stores for cookie-cutter fashions. While the hip man will indeed pay attention to his appearance, he isn’t doing so to try to make a fashion statement or be trendy. He will wear what he likes and what suits him. Likewise, he will not be jumping on any bandwagons to support whatever cause is the “it” subject of the moment.

The Men of the 21st Century

The concept of the “hip” man has undergone many incarnations over the past couple of centuries or so. From the days of the “man’s man” of the 1800s to the groovy, laidback Hippie generation of the 1960’s to the free and easy 70’s vibe, men have morphed from the undisputed rulers of the world to equal partners with their significant others. Today’s man is all about sharing and creating a world of equal rights and non-violence toward women. Whereas this type of man would most assuredly have been seen as a weakling or less than a man in earlier times, since a woman’s place was in the home raising kids and baking pies.
Welcome to the new millennium. Today’s man is more than able to assert his manhood while at the same time expressing his interest in making the world a better place for everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, age, race, etc. And while there are certainly those among them who still consider this to be an “un-manly” attitude, the bold, confident man of the 21st century has no concern for labels or judgements rendered by others. He is his own person. He is educated, and he is educated far beyond the covers of books or the walls of any institution of learning; he is a student of life, of the world.

He has his finger on the pulse of society beyond his own generation’s interests. Creating a world where he is among his peers all the time, regardless of location, is his ultimate vision. He craves a society in which he is both common and unique, for the modern, “hip” male is well aware of his own individuality and has no need for the approval of others.

Yet at the same time he knows that his place is interwoven in the fabric of the new, evolving world, where he is able to flow with those like-minded men around him to meld into a piece of machinery that will forever change the face of issues such as male chauvenism, gender inequality, domestic violence, workplace discrimination, and all of the other issues which, while archaic to the intelligent modern mind, unfortunately present with an all too real existence in the world today. The men of today are well-equipped to eradicate these issues and more from society rather than nurturing them as has been done in the past. It’s time for the world to make some big changes, and the amazing, hip men of today’s culture are leading the way.